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Magdalyn and John

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Our Story

In July 2019, Maggie just started working full time as the technology department manager at a biotech company in Pompano Beach, Florida. She reached out to their IT company for help in the transition period, prompting an in-person meeting with the Director of Technology at the IT company, John.

Maggie saw John a few times in the office following that meeting. During one of these times, she noticed he had a really cool tattoo peeking out from his shirt. Following the advice of her sister, she went ahead and stalked him on Instagram. A couple days later, John was sending her programming memes on Instagram and asked her out. The first date was at World of Beer, where they bonded over beers and IT department problems. And so the Tech Tango began.

A few months into their relationship the COVID pandemic hit. As Maggie moved to working from home, she also moved into John's house where they've spent every day since working from home in separate offices. In May 2020, Maggie finally convinced John to adopt their first dog, Rufio. In March 2022 they adopted a second dog, Ripley.

In September, 2022, Maggie and John planned a vacation to Greece, a destination Maggie had always wanted to visit. Everyone had asked the question "Are you going to get engaged on this trip?". John of course knew the answer to this question but had to come up with a clever response each time.

On the third day in Greece we took a tour of the ancient Temple of Delphi. Here the famous Oracle of Delphi would get high, sacrifice virgins, and answer questions. It was at this site that John took a knee and asked the question that would forever change both of their lives.